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Personal History

Satoshi KOSE, Dr. of Engineering (Architecture)

Present position

Professor Emeritus
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

Born: Dec. 1948, in Saga Prefecture, Japan

Academic background and professional practice

March 1967: Graduated from Toyama High School, Tokyo
June 1971: Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Tokyo University
July 1971: Entered Master Course of Department of Architecture, Tokyo University
April 1972: Joined Building Research Institute; Researcher of Building Services Division
April 1975: Transferred to Science and Technology Agency; International Affairs Division
April 1977: Back to Building Research Institute; Researcher of Building Design and Use Division
April 1978: Visiting Researcher at the Building Research Establishment, U.K. (until April 1979)
October 1981: Senior Researcher of Building Design and Use Division
January 1986: Received Dr. of Engineering from Tokyo University
April 1987: Special Researcher of Advanced Technology
May 1989: Coordinator of International Research Cooperation
June 1990: Head of Building Design and Use Division
April 1996: Special Researcher for Design Method Development
April 1997: Director, Housing and Building Economy Department
April 1998: Director, Research Administration and Management Department
April 1999: Director, Housing and Building Economy Department
April 2001: Director, Housing and Urban Planning Department
July 2002: Senior Research Fellow
April 2003: Professor, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
April 2014: Professor Emeritus, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

Field of specialties:

Human factors in buildings; safety in buildings; environmental psychology in buildings

Major research accomplishments:

Safety on stairs, and other building related accidents
Life safety during a fire
Human factors of aged persons in buildings
Design guidelines of dwellings for the ageing society
Universal design

Roles in academic field:

[former Editorial Board member, Injury Control and Safety Promotion]
[Editorial Board member, Journal of Architectural and Planning Research]
[former Editorial Advisory Board member, Building Research and Information]


Received ISO Certificate of Appreciation 2012
Received Excellent Paper Award, IAUD2012 in Fukuoka (with Takayama, Y., Hayashi, S. & Nomura, K.)
Received Excellent Paper Award, IAUD2010 in Hamamatsu
Received JFMA Encouragement Award 2010 (Japan Facility Management Association)
Received INCLUDE2003 Award, 2003 (Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art, UK)
Received Distinguished Researcher Award from the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, 2001
Received Distinguished Accomplishment Award from the Minister of Construction, 2000
Received the 1st Ron Mace Designing for the 21st Century Award, 2000
Received Distinguished Paper Award from the Japanese Institute of Human Posture with the paper titled: Relationship between functional capability and posture of the elderly, Japanese J. Human Posture, 11(1), 51-56, (1991)

Books (all in Japanese):

Universal Design Handbook (translation, co-editorship): Maruzen, 2003
Challenges toward universal design: Neo Shobo, 2002
Architecture and universal design: Ohm Sha, 2001
Safe and comfortable housing design for seniors (co-authored): Ohm Sha, 2000
Future of design: keynote lectures during UD Conference in New York (ed): Toshi Bunka Sha, 1998
What is universal design? (ed): Toshi Bunka Sha, 1998
Age of barrier-free design: Toshi Bunka Sha, 1997
Dwelling design with people in mind -- Guide for dwellings in the aging society: Toshi Bunka Sha, 1995
Dwellings for the ageing society: healthy, safe, secure dwellings for extended family living (co-authored): Toyo Keizai (Oriental Economist), 1994
Building Environment for the aged (co-authored); Shokokusha, 1994
Dwelling rehabilitation manual for ageing (co-authored); Japan Housing Reform Center, 1990, revised 1998
Atrium Comes of Age (translation: original by R. Saxon), 1995
Interior Pedestrian Spaces (translation: original by M. Bednar), 1993
Atrium Buildings (translation: original by R. Saxon), 1988

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